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Re: Doorway Pages and Web Position Gold
From David A on 22 Feb '00
replying to Re: Doorway Pages and Web Position Gold posted by Robert Cardana

>David, I'm interested in how you optimize frames sites, dynamically generated sites, or completely graphic sites without the use of doorways?

First I don't use frames. I have not seen a case where frames was a benefit or a necessity. Dynamically generated sites; SEs will list phtml pages, this is PHP (scripting) and MySQL (data base). Also cgi generated pages will be listed if they are included (SSI) inside a normal html page. I'm currently working with Cold Fusion and ASP to find how to do these. An all graphics site I have not done. But your doorway pages would not be all graphics right? People will search for and find your doorway page. So to the user your doorway page is your index page. Therefore why not just have your index page have text. Typically the all graphics sites I've seen are Flash driven or something similar. My 2 cents; for an end user it is frustrating to search for something, find a doorway, go through the doorway, find a Flash intro, get through the intro ... how many people have you lost?

In some cases, like a said in the first post, it may be necessary to have a doorway pages. However the vast majority of the time they can be avoided.

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