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Dropped off %100 from hotbot
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 23 Feb '00
replying to Spamming results posted by Inachu

Things went from great to worse in less than 2 days.

No I do not even show up in the index.

This must be a problem with hotbot or sabotage.

Either way hotbot will learn of my results and see if they really care.

If not then the accuracy of their search engine will fall into question.

Has anyone else run into this problem just with hotbot?

Please let me know....


>Well My results are in about how long it takes a site to "HEAL"
>when you accidently spammed your site to a search engine.
>The first result is a strange one .
>#1 position in hotbot. key words used (help desk club)
>This took about a little more than what...3 months?
>to get thigns back in order after spamming the index.
>I wanted the domain helpdeskclub to be #1 but
>was bought out by "" and they refuse to edit their bugs
>out of their system until the takeover is complete.
>The bug they have? The meta tag is cut in half and no HTML cleaner can fix it.... This is a server side problem......
>At least I am #1 with tripod.
>So this leads me to think it won't be long until I show up in
>the other search engines as well.
>I'll follow-up with more reults of this next month.
>Tip of the day.......
>If you want to be in the top 10 don't use!

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