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Re: grabber
From Paul Austin at The Austins Group on 28 Feb '00
replying to Re: grabber posted by Inachu

I used the GRIPPER from I was using it for quite
some time until I found out that the SE's DID not index my URL
because of using it. I was doing a check of meta tags using
Website Garage (I think) and my meta tags would not even show up.
After getting my URL over to my new host and getting rid of the
gripper, the meta tags showed up fine.


>The way you explain it sounds a lot like a virtual redirect.
>The same thing is done in the same likeness to
>You can use the gripper as a keyword getter but I doubt it if
>the gripper itself would rank very high in relevance.
>>It is also known as a gripper:
>>URL Gripper
>>When used in conjunction with Website Forwarding, the URL Gripper
>>gives you control over the address shown in the the browser. When
>>a user visits your website, the address shown in the browser can be
>>either your website's "real" address or your own custom address.
>> e.g. the real address could be
>>place a gripper over this address, e.g.,
>>then when people access your site they won't see the real address,
>>they will see the gripper address.
>>hope this clarifeis things and my original question can be answered

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