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Re: Channels
From Jim on 17 Jan '99
replying to Re: Channels posted by Jeff

>Thanks for the new info Jim! I never heard of Channels either.
>But I checked on infoseek under several major keywords (like computers)
>and didn't see any checkmarks. Have they ended this practice or did
>I just miss the checks?
>This is an interesting topic.

Sorry, they've changed their interface again...

Now when you do a search, there's a heading "Directory Topics" that
gives you a recommended path to follow for good sites relating to your
keywords. If you follow those links the sites are rated from 1-3 stars.
These paths used to be called channels, but it's the same principle.

Under normal search conditions, if any of these recommended sites
matches the search string, they'll pop up at the top of the list,
followed by other "normal" matches.

For example, if you search for "web site promotion" you'll see that
'The Art Of Business Web Site Promotion' pops up twice, with two
different descriptions. The first one is the "channel" listing, with
the description written by the Infoseek staff. The second listing is
my "real" one, with my own META description.

You can spot the channel sites in a normal search because at the bottom
of the listing they have not only "Find similar pages" but also "Grouped
results from".

On the Inoseek home page, if you click on the "Web Sites" tab, it takes
you to their hierarchical listings - all recommended sites. They're
just doing what Yahoo do, in addition to their traditional robot-driven

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