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How do I find sites
From JHT on 20 March '00
Is there a way to get my browser or search engine to find sites instead of pages?
When I type in a keyword I get thousends upon thousends of pages mostly from the
same site or clone sites. This makes it extreemly time consuming and frustrating
to find what I am looking for. Also most of the pages are also porn and often aren't
identified as such.
For instance, I type in "Farm animals" and I get porn porn and more porn.
Somewhere in there are a few pages with the information I am looking for but to
find it would take hours if not days.
If there were a way to search for websites containing the keyword then my shearch
could be much quicker, and easier. If individual pages wern't listed by the search.
I would prefur that the net stay free from government regulation but if these
porn sites and other criminal particapents don't back off I will have to put my
support behind legislation that will put as many of them out of business as possable.

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