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Re: Top 10 or Top 18 or Top ??
From Woz on 3 April '00
replying to Re: Top 10 or Top 18 or Top ?? posted by David A

Thanks David, helpful!

Any other opinions anybody??


>I did some research on this a few months ago. I concentrated on the top search engines and directories.
>For directories the main ones are Yahoo, Snap, Looksmart, Northern Light and Open Directory. You only need to submit to these until you get listed. You won't get dropped because these are human edited lists. Open Directory is the main one because so many other sites are using it (Netscape, Lycos, Hotbot, Altavista, etc.).
>For weekly monitoring I concentrate on Altavista, Infoseek, Excite, Hotbot, Google and Lycos.
>Google is lower in usage but still a major player. By concentrating on Hotbot you can cover all the Inktomi based engines.
>Webcrawler uses the same database as Excite (I think) they have different ranking criteria though. They are the lowest in popularity of the major SEs so I really don'y worry about it.
>Its also good to submit to Direct Hit since many other SEs are using it. I don't think you need to watch your results because they are based on popularity and not page quality/quantity. I see it sort of like a directory, get listed and leave it. Maybe go back and give yourself a hit every once and awhile.
> used to be the I don't like the way their system works so I don't use them.
>MSN Search, Magellan, Netscape Search, AOL, and Goto all use various combinations of other engines and directories so there is no need to submit to them. Mostly ODP and Inktomi. At last check MSN was using Altavista and Looksmart.
>I had a client pay me for this info awhile back so anyone reading this is getting a freebie.
>>Here is a question for you. - Which Search Engines/Directories should we spend most of our time submitting to for “maximum return on investment of time”? Traveling around the net you see references to the TOP TEN SEs and the likes although opinions as to who are in the Top 10 differ.
>>So first a question, what is your opinion as to which are the “TOP 10” SEs/Directories that should be concentrated on for submissions?
>>Secondly, is there a “Top 10” or perhaps a “Top 18”? After viewing a couple of pages about SE alliances/relationships,\reports\alliances.html, and, I started to think about maximizing effort. i.e., if SEs B, C, & D are all getting their data from A, do we need to submit to A, B, C, & D or just A?
>>So by combining the data on the two above pages we come up with a list of SE Sources and the SEs/Directories they supply as below. (I hope this comes out all right in text only)
>> Engine/Directory they supply
>> 4anything
>> Alta Vista, LookSmart
>>Ask Jeeves
>> AltaVista
>>Direct Hit
>>, HotBot, MSN Search, LookSmart, Lycos, Direct Hit Excite
>> Excite's Magellan, Excite's WebCrawler
>> FAST (Alltheweb)
>> Go, Infoseek
>> Google, Netscape Search
>> AOL Search, Anzwers,, GoTo, HotBot, Iwon,, MSN Search, Snap, Yahoo
>>Inktomi, secondary search results
>> LookSmart, 4Anything, Yahoo
>>, Alta Vista, LookSmart, MSN Search,
>>Northern Light
>> Northern Light
>>Open Directory Project
>> AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, OPD, Google, Netscape, AOL, Yahoo,ICQ, Direct Hit
>> AOL Search, Alta Vista, Go Guides, Google, Look Smart, MSN Search,
>> Snap
>> Yahoo
>>That is, there seem to be 16 major sources supplying 27 Engines/Directories in a somewhat complicated and, dare we say, incestuous manner.
>>So, should we concentrate on those 16 sources with manual submissions on the basis that all the 27 Engines/Directories will pick up data from them, or should we submit to ALL 27 Engines/Directories to ensure listing?
>>But, if we submit to all 27, will we be in danger of over-submitting to some engines and if so which? For example, does get all its info from Inktomi only or should we also submit at the site? HotBot gets its supply from Direct Hit, Inktomi & Open Directory Project – should we submit at HotBot as well or would this be in danger of Spamming?
>>And presumably we also relegate the other 1000s of additional SEs/Directories to automated submissions.
>>What do you think? Opinions Please.

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