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Re: Please Help!!
From Chris at yellowtang web development on 11 April '00
replying to Re: Please Help!! posted by Deb

>>please help!
>IMHO it's a combination of "frames" and the lack of text on your homepage.
>After all...the only page the spiders see is the first one...given that
>YELLOW TANGS (much like 'razorfish') have nothing whatsoever to do with
>WEB site design/development, you're having to rely on the 'content' to
>boost your ratings with the search engines...and quite frankly you have
>*no* content to speak of until sub-pages which the engines don't 'see'
>due to the frames....sort of a no-win, catch-22 situation....
>Personally I love 'yellow tangs' and most other tropical
>fish...think they make a great intro into a design site...just need to
>loose the frames and develop some keyword laden descriptive text!
>Hope that helps...

hi deb, thanks for the reply.

I can't really get rid of the frames altogether as our sites have been built around them. Will a decent <NOFRAMES> content help me to get ratings? I will also submit my other info pages with a link back to the home page.
thanks for your info on the site


ps. what does 'IMHO' mean or is that a stupid question?

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