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Re: FLASH site ratings
From minboost on 19 April '00
replying to Re: FLASH site ratings posted by Steven W

There are different methods of flash detection. For 3.x Flash you can use javascript to detect the browser. Doesn't work 100% of the time but it's better than nothing. As long as they have any version of browser 4 or win98/os8 then flash is built in so you don't need to detect the exact version they have. You can also use ASP to do this.

However, in Flash 4.x it has it's own detection which you build into the flash movie itself. It searches for the Flash 4 plugin and if it doesn't find it, it can redirect to another page.

-Min 'minboost'

>In your 22/03/99 reply to Darryl, you mentioned that: if one donesn't have flash, they don't even see the opening (flash) page; it automatically detects that person isn't using flash, and redirects them to the non flash version. . . How exactly does this work?

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