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Re: re-submission policies
From Inachu on 22 April '00
replying to Re: re-submission policies posted by David A

You could be right but I have tested this on hotbot.

So do you think there are search engines that either go by content or by
time stamp?

I'll look into this further...


>>I think most search engines like fresh content.

>>So if you change your site by only one or two letters then it won't help very much. I think if you make a %10 change or more it will help.
>I believe this is inaccurate. In order for a SE to compare a webpage it would have to save a copy of each page it spidered so it would have something to compare it to later. Instead what they do is just read the time stamp of the file. This is interpreted as how "fresh" the file is.
>>As for a list someone else might be more specific with a list than me.
>>>Does anyone has a list of rules for each of the major search engines regarding how often I can re-submit without it hurting my rankings???
>>>Also, knowing which search engines allow for multiple-page-submission would be really really helpful.
>>>Thanks a lot...

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