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Re: Flash and search engines?
From Inachu on 22 April '00
replying to Flash and search engines? posted by Laurel Eby

Using the comment tag at the beginning is read by infoseek
as EOF(end of file). Plus if infoseek did change its tactics it
would not read more than 256 characters because your comment tag is
so huge usiing the same words over and over again.

THis can also make it seem you are trying to spam the index and will
knock you lower or off %100 infoseek.

As I have done in the past I'd advise you to call infoseek as well.

They will answer the phone "Go Network Infoseek. How may I help you or direct your call."

Others here havesaid int eh past that the comment tag does not = EOF
but try telling that to the infoseek help desk.

Your site does look awsome though!

Maybe I should have your shock wave guru do my site!


>My company is having our website completely redesigned, and the guy
>who's doing it has designed it entirely as a flash movie. I'm
>wondering how the search engines will view it. It looks really cool,
>but loads really slowly, and there's no visible text. Would a
>hybrid page of flash and html work better?
>Is flash the wave of the future, or another monstrosity like frames?
>You can look at a prototype of the site at
>Keep in mind that this site is not yet finished. Also, I've found
>that clicking on any of the links tends to crash your browser.

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