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Re: Alta Vista ranking software has changed!
From David on 25 April '00
replying to Alta Vista -UHG! posted by Laura

<i>Has anyone else noticed Alta Vista acting strange for the past two days?! I was listed number one in my catagory and am now not listed at all (as of Saturday). Other people's listings that I observed to be in the #1 or #2 spot are now on the third or fourth page. Am I going nuts or is something at Alta Vista going haywire again? Thanks for any comments. </i>

Yes, AltaVista has changed their ranking software. They are changing over to their new system and factoring in reciprocal links.

They are going to use at least 4 factors:

1) How many links does your site have clicking out?

2.) How many links do you have pointing to you?

3.) How many links point to each of the websites that have links pointing to you?

4.) How do all of these links correlate to each other as to matching Themes or subjects?

It's scary isn't it? The robots are becoming impervious to every trick used to fake higher listings than what they should be in reality. They have millions of dollars to throw into research on how to store the knowledge of mankind into a central database and keep the webmasters from manipulation of the results.

David Notestine
Chief Design Engineer
Zeus 1000 Project

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