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Re: Relative versus Absolute links...
From David A on 12 May '00
replying to Re: Relative versus Absolute links... posted by Andrew

>>>Also, is having one page, linked from my home page, with every page on my site listed... a good idea?
>>Yes, its called a site map and many large sites use them so that users can easily find exactly what they want.
>Actually it's called a "hallway page". The purpose is to provide a page with a link to EVERY page in your site to assure that the spiders will easily find them all. Can't hurt to use absolute links on the hallway page (Excite USED to prefer them) but it probably doesn't matter anymore. Also, on a hallway page DO NOT use any title or meta tags. You don't want the page to rank in SE results (not a great page for the web surffer to come accross), just want the spider to follow the links.

Well if your trying to be sneaky for the SEs its called a hallway page. If your trying to create a nice feature to help user navigation its called a site map. And YES do you use meta tags and titles. These pages tend to rank very well because of high keyword density and many links. If the page is designed in the same fashion as the rest of your site, it makes a very good doorway page into your site.

Heres a few examples

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