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From web reader on 21 May '00
After reading I see the big guys try to hire
the big guns to spam the index for them and now

has erased their entire website.

It also shows how etoys has copied the name of famous titles of
smaller domain companies into their subfolders.(stealth submitting)

So if you have a title and it is not showing or having some problems
like acompetitor then you can bet that someone might have seen your rankings
and took them for themselves

read up on the news at so you can protect yourself.

Also copy the pages you find that are yours on their site.

Its best to copy the site using IE because IE copies the pictures as
netscape copies only the html. also copy the ip address and anything you
can use for legal action against these guys.

I am thinking of just making a site dedicated to wesite hijackers and put
them out of business and show them for what they really are.

I'll build the website hijackers website on tripod.
Consider this the #1 investigative site on the net.

When I am done I'll post the url here.



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