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Free Website Providers and SE's...
From Brett LaCroix at on 27 May '00
I used to use free website providers for "gateway" pages... and some are still bringing in traffic (not much, but some) even 12+ months later with no additional promotion!

So what is the latest info/feelings/etc... on these free providers.

I really don't understand how 100's of sites, with an address like could ever get ranked?

Is every site that is submitted past 50 in a given day considered spam? (Since they are all subfolders of the same domain?)

If not, why would multiple folders from one of my domains (or yours) submitted in a given day be considered spam... while residents of these free-providers would not be?

Are there just a handful of engines to watch out for, as far as multiple submissions (AV, Infoseek)?

I am sure there are a lot of people interested in this info. If anyone has some thoughts/wisdom on this matter, please share!



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