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submission of two websites on one domain
From Kevin Williamson at Internet Secrets & Mind-Blowing Cyber Tips!!! on 5 June '00

I need some help.

I have a hosted domain name with which I would like to be able to sell two unrelated types of merchandise. In other words I need it to function like two websites. There would be two groups of pages that would not link with each other. Infoseek's submission instructions say to submit only the domain name, and to submit the domain only once.

Question 1: Does it hurt your ratings to include a document name at the end of the URL like:
rather than just

One of the sites obviously cannot use index.htm and would have to name a document at the end of the URL. In fact I'm wondering if I should submit with a document name for both sites.

Question 2: Is there any way I can submit the same domain name twice so as to use it as two sites? Like submit one day, then the next day.

If not, can I make a directory like Would Infoseek see that as a distinct enough domain?

I would really appreciate some help with this. Since I'm in a hurry, if you're really up on this I would appreciate a collect call at 713-869-1897 (from USA only) If you prefer not to call I would appreciate an email.

Thanks a bunch,

Kevin Williamson

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