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Re: Alta Vista
From Gary on 7 June '00
replying to Alta Vista posted by Thomas

If it's any consolation I have done the same things you have done in trying to improve my page for Alta Vista specifically and have had no luck. They have dropped pages of mine that are actually the most relevant to the keyword and have not added anything I've submitted for weeks. I absolutely despise them. It seems like every two months they have a new idea which causes me months of aggravation. So, you're not the only one.

>I am a programmer in charge of promotion for this site. I have recently been promoted to do this job and I am having an extremley hard time getting the site into AltaVista.
>We have even had the site redesigned to gain maximum keyword density among other things.
>We still cant do it ..... Please take a look at the site and the code for the home page and let me know what you think we can do to get it higher in AltaVista....
>PLEASE PLEASE, I need your help.

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