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Re: TITLE TAG and Cloaked re-direction
From Patrick at on 7 June '00
replying to TITLE TAG and Cloaked re-direction posted by Roy Davies

Take a look at the html og the page. Is there a <TITLE> Tag?

The rule of thumb is that if it's in the html, a bot will see it. Also try looking at the page in both Netscape and Explorer. it might just be in the way one of the browesers handles the re-directs.

Also, this is kind of secondary, but why don't you set up your primary site under your domain name, then have people who find your old site get redirected to your new one (rather than the other way around)?. This way you wouldn't need to use the "cloaked" re-direct at all.

>I created my first Website for a new company venture at
>I aquired a domain name from Easyspace ( my site URL became
>and I had this re-directed by Easyspace to my "home" URL above.
>I had the option of "cloaked" or "uncloaked" re-direction. Someboady logging on to the new domain name will be redirected to my original URL. It works. I chose the "cloaked" option because it leaves a nicer domain name in the title bar.
>HOWEVER great emphasis is placed on the TITLE tag in the Deadlock pages (which are extemely helpful - thanks to all). It seems however that by choosing "cloaked" re-direction I have no Title in the title bar only the domain name. The title of the page is not in the re-directed HTML either. (IT is in the original URL).
>Am I correct in saying that a robot will not pick up the title and I have lost this advantage. If so I will have to go back to "uncloaked"
>Roy Davies

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