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Re: Alta Vista
From Brian on 7 June '00
replying to Alta Vista posted by Thomas

Since I have been in #1 position on altavista and hotbot(inktomi)

Search engines for over 4 months I can say the following which is technically true..

A. you watered down your meta tags..... dont worry what webposition
says with its warnings....

I only use one key word
Here is an example that should be place below your title tag in between the <head>

Ok here is a sample
<title>Dog Shoes</title>
<meta name="KEYWORDS" content="dog shoes">
<meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="Dog Shoes for your cute puppy.">

Also what helped my site was a theme. so the two top important
step is meta tag and theme..........

Your title is way to big. Keep it short and blunt perhaps just keep the in the title.

The description sounds like a prep job for sound bites on the news.
cut that down as well to keep it blunt.

vitamins and nutritional information.

Ok now just for the nit pickings..... use script builder to clean up your code so the html is easier to read.

ALSO what helped me

When you submit to Altavista also submit to other inktomi sites!
They refrence each others database time to time.


I can say that the site looks really nice and adobe does a nice job
but for code purposes I'd clean it up with script builder

>I am a programmer in charge of promotion for this site. I have recently been promoted to do this job and I am having an extremley hard time getting the site into AltaVista.
>We have even had the site redesigned to gain maximum keyword density among other things.
>We still cant do it ..... Please take a look at the site and the code for the home page and let me know what you think we can do to get it higher in AltaVista....
>PLEASE PLEASE, I need your help.

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