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HELP! Need info on SE spiders....
From Brett LaCroix at Sources4You on 26 June '00
I just discovered a huge problem... I have a brand new server... and I configured it using a virtal name aliasing system that works very well.

If I want to create a subdomain, I simply create a folder and request the page... no configuration needed.

The only downfall is that it only works with browsers that use the HTTP/1.1 protocol, because it needs to know the full address that the browser is looking for.

I did not think this would be a problem, since the last few versions of IE and Netscape support this protocol.

I didn't even think about SE spiders!!!!

I already know that Lycos is still using HTTP:/1.0, and thus cannot find any of my pages on my server.

Does anyone know where I can find info on SE spiders and find out which one's, if any, are using the new HTTP:/1.1 protocol???

This is a HUGE problem... and my access and error logs are showing hit after hit resulting in pages not found... all from SE spiders.

Any info or direction to other info sites would be appreciated.



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