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Re: gateway frames
From Erik at ElectronCloud WebDefelopment on 27 June '00
replying to "gateway" frames posted by Bob Bonham

It's not quite that simple Bob. Most search engines weigh your pages by more than just a list of keywords. Many take into account the number of words, the text included in the href="" and alt="" tags, and the hyperlinked text itself. Some even look for an overall theme in your pages. I have been using doorway pages with some success. While the pages aren't the same layout as the rest of the site, I did use the same colors and fonts, but I just use the gateway pages to check for a Flash player ver. 4 and load them up with "keyword rich" text. Sometimes you dont even see the text and images on the pages because the Flash detect script takes users straight to the Flash movie or an error page.

this is an example of my doorway page, I have just started working with it and it got me to the first page in Alta Vista, Yahoo (web pages), MSN, AOL, and sometimes HotBot, Lycos. I hope for better results...on better keywords when I have time to do more.


>This is part to of my gateway pages question.
>I have many separate frames pages.
>one for every office
>one for every loan officer...
>it's probably not the easyest way to do things, but don't knock it yet, cause I get a lot more control, and I can store javascript variables in the parent frame, so there is a reason why...
>What I'm wondering...
>would it work just as well to use these frames pages as gateway pages?
>as I understand it, here's what I'd try:
>inside the noframes element in my say...10 different frames pages, I'd put ...a list of keywords? I'm a little confused here actually...
>oh..I should say...I don't care about users who can't use frames.
>so I don't care what shows up in the noframes...
>anyhow, is it that simple? load up a few keywords (and only keywords) into each of the noframes elements on my 10 frames pages, title them nice, and then submit them?
>Let me know what you think
>Bob Bonham

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