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Re: gateway frames
From Erik at ElectronCloud Web Development on 27 June '00
replying to Re: gateway frames posted by Bob Bonham

If it's working, then "good job". I just had to scrap a frame-based site design because too many problems arose from it, but this could be a new way to trick the SE's. Let me know how things go with the other engines. Altavista indexes sites fairly quickly, but Inktomi, HotBot, and Lycos are usually just as quick. How long since you submitted? And one more thing, do the links in your noframes content point to other pages in the site, will the robots spider your site or are they just loaded with keywords? It seems like if they pointed to other pages, that these pages could be indexed in a search engine and then open outside of it's frame when someone follows the link from the SE. Sorry about all the questions...just curious. I tried to look at your source code to see exactly what you've done. But, you've removed my menu...sneaky.

>Well, it seems to be working okay...
>I'm not using just keywords though...
>I include a noframes element in all the frames pages I use (about 8)
>each one of them has a bunch of text and links in the noframes (invisible to all modern browsers, but not to the bots)
>I rank well on alta vista...
>loan round rock was #1 last I checked,
>mortgage loan austin, bastrop
>houston, san antonio, etc also rank in top ten, so I think it works...
>any idea why the other engines haven't rated me yet?
>>It's not quite that simple Bob. Most search engines weigh your pages by more than just a list of keywords. Many take into account the number of words, the text included in the href="" and alt="" tags, and the hyperlinked text itself. Some even look for an overall theme in your pages. I have been using doorway pages with some success.

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