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Re: gateway frames
From Bob Bonham on 27 June '00
replying to Re: gateway frames posted by Erik


yeah...I am wondering about those questions too :)

especially the one about if the other search engines will index me...
it's been at least 2 months now, and I'm starting to wonder if I pissed them off in some way...

as far as the spidering goes....
I'm not really worried about it...
actually I think one of my pages got indexed on ANOTHER search engine (other than Altavista) because of this...
however, it rates poorly...
just leave off titles on ALL of your framset documents, and they wont rank high enough for anyone to see them
The links are actually not even that big a deal...I think as long as you link from your page to *anything* the engines will like you better
of course, all the links are like <A HREF...>mortgage loan calulator for home mortgage loans</A> (to load the keywords)

anyways, yeah...I had designed the whole thing in frames before I visited deadlock, and I didn't have the time to redo it all just to get hits...
I think it would work better if I put even more content in the NOFRAMES.

anyways...yeah, it may be a *little* trick that the engines have caught onto yet, ....
the only really great thing about it?
I can have a TOTALLY graphical page and hide all the keywords and links and goo I want in the NOFRAMES and NO ONE ever will see it (unless they are like...stuck in a time warp)

thanks, I appriciate your comments and questions...
Bob Bonham

>If it's working, then "good job". I just had to scrap a frame-based site design because too many problems arose from it, but this could be a new way to trick the SE's. Let me know how things go with the other engines. Altavista indexes sites fairly quickly, but Inktomi, HotBot, and Lycos are usually just as quick. How long since you submitted? And one more thing, do the links in your noframes content point to other pages in the site, will the robots spider your site or are they just loaded with keywords? It seems like if they pointed to other pages, that these pages could be indexed in a search engine and then open outside of it's frame when someone follows the link from the SE. Sorry about all the questions...just curious. I tried to look at your source code to see exactly what you've done. But, you've removed my menu...sneaky.

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