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Heres an idea!!!
From David A on 30 June '00
replying to Re: Link Popularity posted by TJ

>FFA (free for all) You can add _any_ URL. But when I used to use them, I watched as new URL's were added. On some FFA's, your's would only be visible for a few hours or so, as others added their URL. in that case, the only ones that would 'see' your URL were other webmasters. _MANY_ FFA's are used to 'collect' your email addy, then send you their ads.
>>What are FFA sites? Also, how advanced are the link popularity trackers, our site has links pointing to it via a AND a url. Would Google see that as two separate url's and measure link popularity for each, or would it just add up the link popularity by domain name only? (excluding the www and www1)
>>>Also FFA SITES they can bring in a load but also a lot of spam as well........

I agree, not worth it.

Heres an idea. What if everyone on this board started 'private' FFA pages available only to people that frequent here. This would eliminate the spam factor of regular FFAs. And the links wouldn't need to rotate because there would be a finite amount on them.

Anybody else think this is a good idea?

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