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Re: 11 weeks and counting...just me?
From Jeff on 12 July '00
replying to 11 weeks and counting...just me? posted by Mariamne Ingalls

>On 4/24/00, I submitted Manhole Systems site ( to:
>Northern Light
>It's been 11 weeks, and the only bot-based SE we're in that
>I submitted to is:
>I notice that the site is in Google (I see it come up when
>I check Yahoo!, under Web Page Matches).
>(FYI: I also submitted to Yahoo! and Open Directory on the
>same date, and we quickly got a listing in Open Directory.)
>Is anyone else experiencing delays this long with the rest
>of the robots above? Or is it just me?
>Mariamne Ingalls
>P.S.: Today, after reading about Lycos' use of FAST, I submitted
>at FAST (, for good measure.

Interesting post, but not surprising.

Even AV is now taking several weeks to index submissions.

The others, Excite, Hotbot, etc, have often had periods of many months
when they have haven't taken new sites.

After your post, I submitted several of my sites to FAST which really
is fast, at least in terms of search speed. We'll see about listing time.

Isn't it funny that nowadays Yahoo is one of the easiest directories to
get listed in...if you pay up.

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