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searchengine related questions
From stephan adelsberger on 13 July '00

I have some search engine related questions.

May I get spamming penalties for a
<body onload=”if(top=self) top.location.heref=’’;”>

Is it better to have the meta description in full sentences or
rather keywords with commas?

For my robotics page (url: “”) I thought about a title like:
“Robotics and mobile robot Page”
(robotics in 1th postion and mobile robot in singular)

meta description:
“Visit my walking robot or TeslaBot, a mobile robot that follows humans. Read the technical details of my robot, or my paper on robotics. I have lots of pictures and even a video featuring my robot TeslaBot.”

Is there anything I could optimise?

Is it true that altavista cares about the names of pictures? Like
A picture named Robot.gif will give me a higher ranking?

Any suggestions are appreciated

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