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Re: Channels
From Jim on 17 Jan '99
replying to Re: Channels posted by Andrew

>hmmmmmmmmm, interesting. I see your 2 listings. But IS will only list
>one page from a site in their results.


Taking our example of "web site promotion", if you 'search within
results' for you'll see there are a couple of other

I agree that it's *rare* to see more than one page on a site highly
ranked for a particular search string, but it's not impossible.

>And I see your URL is different
>in each listing . One is missing the "www". Care to explain? I'v seen
>other sites get the same results, maybe submitting half their pages
>with the "www" and half without?

I'm pretty sure all of the search engines sussed that one a while ago.
I very much doubt if you can get the same page listed twice by simply
adding/removing the www.

In my example, as I said before, the first listing is not robot-generated,
it was hand-typed by the Infoseek staff. It's 'set in stone' just like
a Yahoo! listing.

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