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Re: spamdexing question
From Brian on 27 July '00
replying to spamdexing question posted by Vicki

From my experience anything repeated more than 3 times put me even lower
on teh rating scale but then again I think its how the site is built.

If you use those meta tags plus they keywords again in regular text
then yes it could be considered spamming.

Sometimes the count of the keywords in the message body alone can get you high ratings.

What I did was experiment with one set of keywords for 1 month and then use another set or type altogether then next month.

Mistakes I have seen on some sites is that some people put in java script before the meta tags..........TSK TSK TSK!


>I read on a website ( about "spamdexing" where a person repeats keywords excessively. They say "Limit the keyword list to fewer than 1,000 characters and use individual keywords no more than seven times."
>Would you surmise from that statement that it is okay to have some repetition such as:
>copier parts
>copier supplies
>digital copier supplies
>color copier supplies
>As long as I didn't have the words "copier" or "supplies" more than seven times?
>And it sounds like SE will only use those *phrases*. If someone just types "copier" and I don't have that in our keywords or our homepage then they might not find our site, right?
>- Vicki

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