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Re: spamdexing question - keywords
From CyberEye® at Web Promotion, Search Engines, Meta Tags on 30 July '00
replying to Re: spamdexing question posted by T J Daniels

>Hi Vicki.
>I'm not sure about the other SE's but I'm listed on As far as kw's go, here's the main kw's for my site. I use the same kw's on all of my pages. <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="t j daniels,tjdaniels,tjdanielspoetry,t j daniels poetry,poetry by t j daniels. My site even comes up just using t j & tj. I surprised myself by
typing it daniels and my site showed up. I noticed that my site doesn't show up using tjdanielspoetry but it does using tj daniels poetry. I haven't really checked out the other SE's that I'm listed on, such as Hope this info helps.
>>I read on a website ( about "spamdexing" where a person repeats keywords excessively. They say "Limit the keyword list to fewer than 1,000 characters and use individual keywords no more than seven times."
>>Would you surmise from that statement that it is okay to have some repetition such as:
>>copier parts
>>copier supplies
>>digital copier supplies
>>color copier supplies
>>As long as I didn't have the words "copier" or "supplies" more than seven times?
>>And it sounds like SE will only use those *phrases*. If someone just types "copier" and I don't have that in our keywords or our homepage then they might not find our site, right?
>>- Vicki
Key Words
TJ: This is not a personal attack :) your keywords should be something like (no commas): "poetry poems poetic poem POEMS POETRY POEM Poems Poetry Poem by t j daniels love romantic inspirational friendship poetry poem poems TJ DANIELS Tj Daniels tJ daniels poetry poems poetic poem " . What you've done so far is simply create some semi-unique terms that will always come up because you are searching for them specificalyy, i.e. "jeffslittledogcamealong" can be #1 on all seacrh engines, simply because it is unique. See? Is this what y'all were takjing about, or have I got it wrong. Also, there is no "7 word rule," just don't overdo it, and why not just keep it less than 7? Cheers.

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