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Re: spamdexing question - keywords
From T J Daniels at ''POETRY by: T. J. Daniels on 30 July '00
replying to Re: spamdexing question - keywords posted by CyberEye®

Hi CyberEye. Thank you for your good wishes. Your're right about yahoo being a Directory, not a SE. :) I was bored so I was 'playing' with my KW's on yahoo and altavista. On AV I get more indepth results by typing in t j daniels and many more of my poetry pages come up than on Yahoo. I had submitted all of my individual poetry page URL's to both, also to Take care. Tj

>>>>>TJ: This is not a personal attack :) your keywords should be something like (no commas): "poetry poems poetic poem POEMS POETRY POEM Poems Poetry Poem by t j daniels love romantic inspirational friendship poetry poem poems TJ DANIELS Tj Daniels tJ daniels poetry poems poetic poem " . What you've done so far is simply create some semi-unique terms that will always come up because you are searching for them specificalyy, i.e. "jeffslittledogcamealong" can be #1 on all seacrh engines, simply because it is unique. See? Is this what y'all were takjing about, or have I got it wrong. Also, there is no "7 word rule," just don't overdo it, and why not just keep it less than 7? Cheers.
>>>>Hi CyberEye.
>>>>Thanks for the quick response. I did not think your post was an attack, but thank you for letting me know for sure.*s* Vicki wanted to know how many times that she could use the word 'copier' without being concidered 'spamdexing'. To use the 'comma' or not to use it, that is the question. I chose to use it, basically to create the different phrases. When I first started using meta tags some years ago, I noticed that when using 'poetry' I was 'buried'. So I started using my 'penname' T J Daniels because I noticed that many people were using that in the SE's to find my poetry site. And you're right about creating the uniqueness. Type in _poetry_ in the SE's
>>>>Again, thanks for your response.
>>>Right, OK, I did that in Meta Crawler. . .and?
>>>What. . .
>>>If you believe you are coming up on some engines because of your tags, that's probably not why. Mostly, it's probably because you have "poetry" in your domain name. Search on "hotdog software," you'll see what I mean.
>>CyberEye: It appears that both of our 'systems' work with or without 'commas/spaces'. Using your meta tags, your site shows up on yahoo, as mine does using my tags. My site is really not as important as a business site. I'm not really selling anything, just creating name recogition. Take Care. TJ
>It's wonderful you are succeeeding in your goals. I am glad that the commas are working for you. Please be advised that Yahoo is a Directory, not a search engine, meta tags do not come into play in the usual manner :)
>Cheers and best wishes!

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