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Re: Question about re-designing site and search engines
From Brian on 31 July '00
replying to Question about re-designing site and search engines posted by Lis

Without knowing what your url is and what change you made to it cant help you much but as a guide you should do the following:

Turning a site into a framed site will drop you right off the index.

But the people at infoseek persist that there is a way to set up
a framed site to to keep it in the rankings.(you must shell out a few hundred to a thousand dollars perhaps.

If the change was drastic like moving from a content based site to a
introduction shockwave site can also have adverse reactions to search engines. Remember it's content, not eyecandy that brings people
and keeps people on a site longer.

You might have to copy some of the old html into the new to keep the keywords up to par with what the SE are looking for.

If you are talking about just send a email and explain.
I for instance
changed my site to be in a higher relevance and I was knocked off
hotbot %100!! I called after I explained to them I was not doing an exact search and after a few days I was back in #1 position.

Seems perhaps hotbot has a bug of some sort. An example is....
I am in #1 postition on hotbot but if you search for me in the index(located in the add url button) My site will not show up.

So what SE are you talking about?
And what is your url?


>We redesigned this site and now it is not showing up in search engines. All the urls are the same. Is there something else we need to do. We re-submitted the site to search engines about two weeks ago.

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