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Using Flash in Web sites
From Chris Cotty at Platinum Consulting Group on 2 August '00
I am designing a site that is mostly in Flash. All of my links are Flash, and so they don't appear in the actual HTML page. I know that when you publish a Flash site, it gives you a list of URL's and text that you used in the movie in the way of a comment. Howver, I've noticed two things. First, it repeats the words literally dozens of times, over and over, so I'm worried that any search engine might think that I'm trying to spam. Second, because of what the program writes, the HTML file becomes huge (just running one Flash movie can make the HTML file 80-90K with just commented text and URL's). Because of this, I've taken out the comments that Flash puts in your HTML document. Unfortunately, there is now no way for Deep Submission since there aren't any URL's, and I assume that the page will never get anywhere in Search Engine Land because there is no relevant text. What do you recommend?

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