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is my web site penalised?
From Kakaroto on 7 August '00
I have a web site, which after knowing more about all the web site
promotion stuff, I have prepared a special web page called
web-page-design.htm , out of my original index.htm .

I think I have spammed my web-page-design.htm because I made
a keyword density of 8% to 15% per keyword , and when I figured this
out, it was too late, this web page was in 150 search engines including
the top search engines.

Now I made a new web page called web_page_design.htm and tried all
the techniques related to web site promotion , I wrote web page design
in the Altavista search engine and copycat all the keywords and
keyword density to web_page_design.htm (of course with some little
changes) then I submitted it only to Altavista.
I erased web-page-design.htm from altavista and added web_page_design.htm
waited all the long time `til update my changes and today it was
updated, and when I wrote web page design at the altavista search
engine nothing happened not even in the first 20 pages, SHI***T!

Ok so here are my questions:
1) Do you think I`m banned for this mistake?
2) There is any problems or will I being placed down on search
engines because of make a web page for being on the first places?
example <-something like that?
3) Any human being with experience could please check my web page and compare it with writing "web page design" on the altavista
search engine , and tell me if I did the copycat right?
4) Any comments or helpful information will be very well accepted.

Thank you very much for your help and I`ll be glad if you
answer me ,I`m a newbie on this part and I need to learn a little
about it. Thank you very much

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