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Further proof of hotbot's new relevance rotation
From Inachu at Help Desk CLub on 24 August '00
I think HOTBOT goes further than infoseek when it comes to the rolling
rank relevancy.

For well over a year or so I was always in #1 position but now I am not. But I am #1 on the Canada which uses the same technology as hotbot.

So I guess all the Inktomi's have this "distributed awareness" of each others database or they all change in sync so the data base will seem fresh?.....
Or they just like playing musical chairs with each inktomi database.

Now will I stay #1 at for the next 1-2 years?

Oh well......

Other ways to see if your site is being page jacked..........
scan the range of ip addresses

example scan through 255 and also
Check for a http response. There are tools you can use you can find all over the place.

Check for html tools at all the bizarre sites like at

I used to have a "html server scanner" but forgot the name.

Has anyone ran into one before?

The program is really simple. you put in the name of the domain or ip
and you give the starting and ending IP address and then it looks
for any type of server response. The program is under 120k in size I think. This would be a useful tool to take legal action of sites that page jack.........


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