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Re: Will running an identical website under several separate domain addresses cause SE listing problems/conflicts?
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 26 August '00
replying to Will running an identical website under several separate domain addresses cause SE listing problems/conflicts? posted by Tyler

Hi Tyler,

If you have identical sites all over the web then you will never show up
on inktomi search engines and infoseek as well.

The Idea behind this is that they now know that people that have
"MIRROR COPIES" of their site on other domian are just either doing it
to get higher rankings. So you can give each one their own face lift
and make the site at least 80% different then you should be ok.

Hotbot and Infoseek have been watching out for mirrored websites now for over
a year now and have been either knocking identical site off altogether
or banning them. BUT!

IF you read my post from almost a year ago here on

you will see the I tested hotbot and infoseek and gave my results.

Hotbot is more forgiving about mirror sites and you will get back to the
high rankings anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on search term relevance

Infoseek is not as forgiving and is best not to even try to submit a
mirror site unless youre just testing it................

I haven't tried the other search engines yet to see how forgiving they are.

What search engine do you want me to test?

>I have developed a product that I think would be an exceptoinal seller as a home-based internet business. I would like to offer my product to a limited number of dealers. My concern is that I will lose interested parties by not offering a pre-built website to go along with the product line for those who can't or don't wish to make their own. However, I do not want to have to build a new website for every time a customer elects this option. Having said this, I would like to License-out the use of MY website as long as it's running under a different domain name. Would this cause search engine conflicts or otherwise penalize all of us if we had the same site on the net selling the same products but under different domains? Would changing title and meta tags make any difference? Would it be noticed by SE's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in Advance,

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