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Re: Favorite gateway page style and why?
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 26 August '00
replying to Favorite gateway page style and why? posted by Shawn Terjeson

#1 Hotbot....... great for reasearch.
#2 Yahoo........ Directory not SE (not to shabby) I hardly use
it unless the others do not find what I want.
#3 Altavista.... I just use this to find pictures and mp3 now.
#4 Google....... The honest search engine... Why Honest?
On other search engine you can stealth submit but Google
will cache the site where the domain belongs soooo page jacking
should be impossible on Google. I am sure they have their own
little bugs/secrets though.

#5 there is no #5 1-4 is all I ever needed unless I want more
function then I use inforian quest.
Or I go to or some other new verticle search engine.

excite used to be good but they are a bit like altavista.
(either they are slow a lot or never spider your site.)

SOOOOO my favorite to search for rankings is
Hotbot(inktomi),Infoseek,Canada(inktomi),Google -- in that order.


>Favorite gateway page style and why?
>Probably an oft discussed subject, but I'm bogging down the search trying to dig it out of the Archives.
>What works for you?

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