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Re: .com vs .net
From Patrick R at on 26 August '00
replying to .com vs .net posted by Tyler

>Can anyone tell me what the major difference is between having a website with a .com extention rather then .net or .org. As I understand it, .com stands for commercial business, and org stands for organization - usually government related. What does .net stand for and would registering a name with this type of extention place you at any great disadvantage over someone who owns the same name but with a .com ext? Do the SE's treat sites differently by the extensions?
>Thanks in advance,

People tend to default on the .com suffix, so if somebody types in, when it is actually .net three things can happen:

1) The person assumes the URL is just incorrect, and gives up looking for you.
2) The .com web-site is a competitor, and gets the customer instead.
3) The person realizes the mistake and tries the .net suffix.

As you can see, there is a real disadvantage to using a .net URL if some-one else is using the .com counterpart. Ideally you would own both, but if you can't, let it be the .net suffix, or think of another domain name.

Patrick R.

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