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Re: Submitting to search engines
From Andrew Laing at An excellent tool to market your business on 29 August '00
replying to Submitting to search engines posted by Neil

Hi Neil

This is just my 2 cents worth and I'm sure that it will be controversial as it goes against the grain of what everybody else thinks.

Here goes:o)

I think that there is too much emphasis made upon search engine rankings.

In my opinion (for what it is worth) we are fighting a losing battle with them.

When I first started doing online marketing I went out of my way to submit my sites, add the Meta tags according to each of the search engines standards and tried to fill all of the other criterias, only to find the following month that they had changed the requirements, and certain words were not allowed etc.

Then I would have to go through the same thing again, trying to figure out what they wanted this time to get a listing....and so it went on.

This drained an awful lot of my time.

I have found that I have been more effective in other ways of active online marketing and it has produced a lot more results.

Do you get any business form search engines at the moment?

If you find it brings in the majority of your business and you couldn't survive without them then I am sure that many people on the board will advise you on how to get a better listing.

But beware!

You may go to an awful lot of trouble and time only to find that the goal posts are moved again next month.

Oh oh!

I'm sure that I will be be proven wrong when everybody tells me that search engines are the "be all and end all" of a successful business (LOL)

Best wishes

Andrew Laing

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