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Re: Refering Site
From Jim on 7 Sept '00
replying to Re: Refering Site posted by Will Mische

>Didn't you guys show an example somewhere on your site deadlock on
>how to do this?

It's done with a server-level redirect (ie. NOT the HTTP-EQUIV META tag).

There are various methods of doing it, but probably the most common is
using Apache's mod_rewrite tool. It's a case of switching the
RewriteEngine on via your .htaccess file, then setting up a series of

Don't mess with this unless you know what you're doing because it's
very powerful. It can "switch off" your entire site in the blink of
an eye and have all sorts of other strange effects.

This is the sort of thing people use for serving keyword-loaded pages
to search engine bots while displaying different pages to normal browsers.
You can also run background CGI scripts with it - I find it delighful for
torturing spambots :)

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