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Re: Gate way
From Inachu at Help Desk(newly under construction) on 23 Sept '00
replying to Re: Gate way posted by Mary

Your site looks nic ebut I did a search using Netscape 4.x
and the search results came up empty with links(white fonts on white background.)

Just thought I'd let ya know.........


>>Nobody else answered so I guess thats part of an answer......
>>Doorway pages are to help you get ranked higher but Search Engines are nowadays looking for real content. So it is a 50/50 chance depending on the site if they index your doorway page.
>>If I were you personally I'd stick with development of your main site and let it mature as content grows on your site then the keywords add up over time as your site gets better and better.
>>But if you already have a content design team working for you then you do not need a doorway page. If your product/service is realy good though just stay away from using frames...............
>Makes Since what you say, As you can tell im on
>OJT and it's trial and error . Primative huh
> I was wandering about what you said about Frames im not sure what you mean.
>I use Microsoft front page 2000 and hot metal pro, and publisher to build
>stuff on my site.
>To the best of my understanding the search engines index your site. I buy
>space from a company that put a gat way on another site i built it's
> he put an index page on here and told me to put a link to the index page
>on ever page. I did notice the site ranking much better on Altavista. He
>charged $45 to do this. Thats why im trying to learn so i can do this with
>my own site
> AGAIN thanks for your respone : Mary
>>> Im looking for software that teaches you how to install gate way or door way page for the search engines. explaines how to put on a site index page i know this has to be simple, but I don't know where to start

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