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RE: searching for help desk club on hotbot
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 30 Sept '00
In just over 4-6 months I have noticed when I searched for my page HOTBOT
responded with just around 54,000 links.

Now over 190,100 matches exist.

To this extent for many months I can see that either the Help Desk arena
has slow but expotentially exploded or all the helpdesk sites are doing what
STATE FARM has done in spamming the search engines.

One Support site near my old hometown in Texas is blue ocean software.

They have and are still buying domain names with various spellings and such.

Also their website sometimes shows up twice with different description meta tags.

So you know they are spoon feeding hotbot. The same goes for the
domain They also are spoon feeding hotbot.
using the ip delivery method. And their relelvance and discription is nowhere close
as mine is.

I will be starting up a website for search engines engineers and endusers.
So that you may post that site that could be stealing your html code and
hiding it behind their servers.

If you know of a site email me and I'll look into it.

I am sure this will begin to be popular as to keep searches real and
relevant. I am sure we all would benefit from this.

Just because you do not show up on a website does not mean someone has
done something about your site on a search engine.

As for me I have proof. I am also thinking about taking these companies to court.


Oh and those of you who have the email grabbing software. Don't bother
I have advised my ISP of using the MAPS RBL on you guys. Either that or
disable your account.

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