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Re: Not that I would ever do this . . .
From OMFTS at My Old Parrot on 5 Oct '00
replying to Re: Not that I would ever do this . . . posted by David A Nurick

By chance I actually ran across AltaVista's unofficial stance. They claim, "they have ways to prevent that." If that's their way of saying, "We'll track their ISP IP then we'll fix their wagon," then what about a free ISP like netzero with untraceable floating IPs?

I know some search engines are requiring you enter your e-mail address along with the URL then they send you an e-mail telling you you just submitted this site. If you disagree with its submission, please let us know by e-mail. BUT I'M THE ONE WHO SUBMITTED THE SITE. WHY WOULD I TURN MYSELF IN?

I wonder how much search engine espionage is actually occuring? If ethics is the only thing preventing this, the battle's lost before it ever began. Remember, this is the internet we're talking about.

>>It's my understanding that over submitting a website to a search engine is a no-no lest you get penalized. Submitting too many pages from a website looks like you're trying to flood the search engines so they ban your URL.
>>So what stops someone from oversubmitting his/her competitor's pages which would penalize/remove his/her competitor thereby moving him/her up in the ranks?
>>How do the engines prevent this from happening?
>all i can think of is ethics?
>i would like to know that myself!

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