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My two cents: a voice from the past
From Nicholas on 21 Oct '00
I used to be a regular on this board, but eventually burned out,
after much running and cunning. Yet I distilled a few basics
from all the thrashing:

Content counts. And thus volume counts. You can often boost your
visibility fastest by just cranking out informative copy
and posting it on the web (well-linked to the rest of your site,
of course). I'm regularly surprised to find something I dashed
off at a whim has become the number 1 page for a popular search
phrase. (On the couple of occasions my non-profit writings have
captured #1 ranking in a hotly-contested commercial area, businesses
seem to be pretty annoyed.) It comes under the category of
Thoreau's comment "success unexpected, in common hours"

Experiments count. I've dealt with hundreds of businesses trying
to make it on the web (probably less than Jim, though), and
observed numerous business models. Most people on this board already
have the first piece of key knowledge: "I don't know what the hell
I'm doing." (Fortune 500 CEOs should be so wise.) The second key
is: experiment. Experiment with different pitches, different titles,
different products if possible. Serendipity is where it's at. Don't
beat your head on the same wall too long. Wander onwards, try new

Search engine manipulation still works, but it costs. I recently
found a brilliant porn site manipulating Google to the max.
They had gotten to the top ten for over 1000 female celebrities,
with a home page of thousands of links, out to bait pages repeating
celebrities names within links -- and to cover the backlink
algorithms, this Phillipine company had formed three other web
sites to provide inbound links. These guys were good. But now I
can't find them. Sigh. Banned, I suppose. So much for reading
Jon Kleinberg (

So for most businesses, the winning formula is probably: get it
right, then move on.

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