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Search engine placement
From Eric Jaakkola at Personal home page on 23 Oct '00
I have a couple of questions about search engines and how they detect placement spamming.
Besides the meta refresh, do you know if they search for document.location= javascript, which does the same thing? I have this on a few of my pages to help get people to where they want to go, depending on which domain they went to.
For example, and all go to the same domain, but the mrcha will go to and heliguy will go to I wan't to avoid being tagged a spammer but also be able to direct people automatically.
If they go to they should stay at, but I want search engines to index without labeling it a spam page due to the javascript that may or may not redirect them depending on which domain they went to.

One other question: A friend of mine has a commerce site that is all dynamic (it has a ? in the url) so he's screwed for search engine ranking. I made a program to generate a "bridge page" for each of the products he sells to help compensate for the unindexability of his site but I wan't to avoid triggering the spam sensors. To do this I came up with the following page:
I wondered if you think it will work effectively?
My goals were:

1) Avoid tripping repetitive word spam sensors on the main index page

2) Aviud tripping "bridge page" spam sensors by making them all link to slightly different target pages.

3) Place specific product keywords in the Topic, URL, Header, meta tags and 1st paragraph.

4) Make the page inviting enough so that when/if someone does see it, they follow through to the target page

5) The main index page should not be seen by people, so the links are a list of numbers that the spiders can follow to the pages that I do want people to see.

Normally I hate any kind of spammers, but there is no choice here, either come up with a work-around or will never be indexed at all. The nature of the service provider makes it impossible to get rid of the question marks in the URL.


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