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Re: double meta keywords-content
From Inachu on 13 Nov '00
replying to Re: double meta keywords-content posted by Hope

I agree with HOPE but the keywords might do well on Excite.

I would first start with no keywords and use the merits of your site.

Then after a few months tracking your rankings you may have to add a few keywords in the alt tag then perhaps use meta tags.

Also do not forget that a fresh site is always better then just changing keywords/metatags.

Real changes to a site are noticed by indexing bots.


>Looking at those meta tags tells me one thing... SPAM!
>You should NEVER repeat a word more than 2 times. I would suggest you use something like this instead. Not all search engines read meta tags anymore, but the ones that do take them seriously. What you had listed would make it very hard to get into search engines and your wouldn't rank at all.
><META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="hawaiian shirts aloha tropical Women's Dresses wedding">
><TITLE>Hawaiian Shirts Main Page</TITLE>

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