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Re: A top-ranked site that baffles me!
From David A on 27 Nov '00
replying to A top-ranked site that baffles me! posted by ak

>Hey All,
>I run a fan site for a guy named Yngwie Malmsteen. I'd like to think my tags and titles are pretty well optimised for good SE ranking, which I have on a few (top 10). In my experience nearly everyone searching for Yngwie sites will either search Yngwie, Malmsteen, or Yngwie Malmsteen.
>The one site that comes up on top on most search engines contains no keywords, no text, just 2 graphics: a site logo and a "welcome" click to enter graphic.
>Why is the site so well ranked? Here's the HTML, maybe you can tell me...
>"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//SQ//DTD HTML 2.0 + all extensions//EN" "hmpro3.dtd">
> <HEAD>
> <TITLE>Yngwie Malmsteen Fan Club</TITLE>
> </HEAD>
> <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#ffffff" VLINK="#ff5555" LINK="#5555ff"
> <P><BR>
> <IMG SRC="images/malmsteens.jpg" ALT="Image by Ricardo Bello" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="400" BORDER="0"></P>
> <P></P> </CENTER>
> <P><A HREF="news/Contents.html"><IMG SRC="images/welcbpred.jpg" ALT="Click to Enter" WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="125" BORDER="0"></A></P>
> <P></P>
> </BODY>
>And what is all that <!DOCTYPE stuff? Is it any conincidence that some of best ranked pages have this at the top?


Search Engine cloaking is where you feed different pages to search engines than to people based on IP address. Its possible the page you see is not what search engines see.

How do you find out? I think there are various utilities that mask or change your IP. Maybe you could make it seem like you were a spider and see what happens.

Another less technical possibility maybe he changed the pages after they were indexed by the SEs, and they haven't been back around to see the changes. You could resubmit him and see if he drops.

The "doc type stuff" is a tag which tells generic information about the page, like what level of html compliance it has. In the case 2.0.
I don't think SEs weight pages higher that include this tag.

Any other opinions out there?

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