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image alt text - spam?
From Rocky on 6 Dec '00
My company is building a site for graphic designers to shop for and download hi-rez photos. There's not much room for bunches of text. There are 20 thumbnail images representing photo categories ("animals", "people" etc.), along with text labels above each. I am contemplating adding the alternate text attribute to each thumbnail, as in:

alt="photos of animals"

That would be twenty instances of "photos of" in alt text.

Do you think that anyone's robot is interpreting this kind of thing as spam?

The only other place we are putting relevant text is at the bottom and there's not much room:


We are a full service stock photography agency. If you prefer to <br>
do business the old fashion way, feel free to <b>~PHONE~</b> us at 800-544-0385,
or <b>~FAX~</b> at 703-998-8407 for your photo research needs.


<font size="1">
Copyright © 2000 <a href="mailto:****@****.com/.net">Photri</a> All Rights Reserved.</font></p>
<p align="center"> </p>


I'm pasting the meta tags here too for your thoughtful inspection. Thanks!

<TITLE>PHOTRI Searchable Stock Photos collection w/ full e-commerce</TITLE>

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Stock Photographs - all subjects available. Including Space, Military, and Washington DC. Shoppable here online or the old fashioned way: 800-544-0385">

<META Name="Keywords" Content="ordering stock photos online, stock photographs via ecommerce e-commerce, stock photography agancies agency, medium and high resolution picture library, picture research agency, photography, space images, space photos, historic military images, people pictures online or offline, washington dc, astronomy, nasa space program, publishing, advertising, graphic design, graphic arts, textbook production, corporate interior design">

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