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Re: & Symbol in Company Name
From Jim on 23 Jan '99
replying to Re: & Symbol in Company Name posted by Nicholas

>>If a user knows your URL they won't need to search for it, so you
>>don't need it in your META tags(!)
>Mmmmm... several hundred thousand people a month type
> into SE search boxes. Some people will
>even run a search for while they're at
>Infoseek. They simply don't know what the Location box
>is. If I were putting my URL in front of potential customer's
>faces, I think I'd try to weight at least one page with
>that URL.

Good point (never overestimate the general public!) but if somebody did
search for "" I reckon Eric's domain name would bring him up
tops with or without the META tag unless someone else was specifically
trying to poach his traffic, in which case they wouldn't be making a
very good job of it because the "poaching" page would need Eric's URL
plastered all over it, which would be good for Eric.

Having said that, I suppose there's no harm in targeting the URL as a

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