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Re: Novice question about frames and META tags
From Jeff on 13 Dec '00
replying to Novice question about frames and META tags posted by Clyde

>This is very novice but we all have to start somewhere. :-)
>I have a homepage with 3 frames (to impress my friends). I would like old high-school buddies to be able to find it through search engines.
>My question is: where do I put my META tags? Only on the index.htm page or on very frame page?
>Thanks very much in advance for any tips!

Normally I hate frames but your site is good. Very clean looking. I've
never used them on any of my sites so I can't answer your precise
question. But be sure to put plenty of keywords in you main page especially
near the top of the page. Save the chit chat for the interior of your
"family website" (the term "homepage" is very 1996, and implies a small
one-page amateur website).

I found this sentence to be interesting:
"I have a homepage with 3 frames (to impress my friends)"

On the web, what works well and what is impressive (to web beginners)
are usually miles apart. Understand that the majority of websites are
created primarily to impress (the boss, friends, competitors, other site designers,
shareholders, etc.). On the other hand, the most profitable commercial
sites are usually rather ordinary looking. for example.

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