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Doc Ideas please!!
From nicola duffy on 14 Dec '00
replying to Re: Keywords vs Key Phrases: Any Ideas??? posted by Fleur

Just jumped on to this page and love it...wondering if anyone out there full of ideas ...on a media course and have to pitch a doc idea this week, was thinking about a fly on a wall ( arent we all jumping on that bandwagon...)
many thanks to anyone who replies
best wishes

>>>1) I am wondering whether I should put in only single words or
>>>a mixture of words and phrases. Max seemed to think it was a good
>>>idea to establish which single words would be necessary to cover
>>>all phrases. However, if I add in specific phrases would those
>>>phrases gain more weight when used in a search against the search
>>>engine looking for the single words in the phrase?
>>>Eg., "audio, post, production" as single words as against
>>> "audio post production" as a phrase
>>> (I would also include the single keywords of course).
>>>2) Another school of thought (not here) covers efficiency of
>>>words by combining a number of words into one phrase that may not
>>>make sense in itself but covers a number of combinations of words
>>>and phrases.
>>>Eg., should I have a combination of words such as
>>> "audio, post, production, services, audio post,
>>> audio post production, audio post production service,
>>> post production services, post production,
>>> production services"
>>> or would the one phrase of "audio post production services"
>>> be enough to cover all the above combinations of single words
>>> and phrases?
>>>3) My challenge is that if I put all the single keywords and
>>> all the possible combinations of phrases in I then run up
>>> the repetition counter, sometimes up to 8 repetitions,
>>> which could be dangerous.
>>>I have been toying with these ides for some time and would appreciate
>>>your comments. As I say, I have learned heaps here, this is definitely
>>>the best "promotion" site I have found, and there are some doozeys
>>>out there.
>>>Woz (Warwick Bone)
>>>THE KEYWORDS (not shouting)
>>>audio engineers
>>>audio post
>>>audio post production
>>>audio visual
>>>backing tracks
>>>betacam sp
>>>business communications
>>>digital editing
>>>digital effects
>>>digital recording
>>>digital recording studios
>>>digital work station
>>>documentary recording
>>>fairlight mfx
>>>feature films
>>>film post production
>>>film recording
>>>mark tanner
>>>mark tanner sound
>>>music recording
>>>offline editing
>>>online editing
>>>post production
>>>recording studios
>>>sound effects
>>>sound effects library
>>>sound post
>>>sound recording
>>>sound studios
>>>sound tracks
>>>television post production
>>>television production
>>>tv audio
>>>tv audio post production
>>>tv post production
>>>tv production

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