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Site Structure/Yahoo Questions
From Gary on 14 Dec '00
Hi. I'm very happy to have found the forum today my thanks to everyone for all of the information I've gleaned from having spent 3 hours reading my way up from January. I've picked up a lot of answers, but some remain and I'd sure appreciate as much advice as I can get.

I have a .com domain from which I've sold one type of home grain mill (for grinding wheat) for about 2 years. (I do all my own site development with Netscape's Composer; I understand the general concepts of html and have done only the teensiest bits of straight code editing. The site has meta tags and reasonably good link popularity.) My index.htm page is #1 on Alta Vista for a search for *grain mill*, and #3, I think, on Google. I don't know where I stand on all the others at the moment. I have now added a second type of grain mill to the site, as well as about 10 other countertop kitchen machines (various models of maybe 6 categories, none of which are grain mills.) Assuming equal exposure, I think some of the new machines have better profit potential than the mill I've sold these last 2 years.

How can I best structure and submit the site to retain my results for a search of *grain mill* on Alta Vista and Google, but at the same time get them to rank me highly for the new mill and the other new kitchen products? Most of these other products are things consumers search for by brand name, so while I'll want *kitchen* (etc.) in my keywords, the product names have to be there, too and I'm concerned about diluting the effect of my keywords.

Right now I have the two grain mills on the index.htm page and individual sub-pages for each of the other types of products. If I submit to Alta Vista a new sub-page that is dedicated to juicers, will that submission cause Alta Vista to re-rank my index page? (And same question for Google, and as many other engines that anyone cares to comment on.)


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